We are very proud of the great things that our members have to say about us.

“Grab it with both hands because who doesn’t want to feel amazing every day?”

" I took part in the Happy People Solutions trial in October 2018 because I wanted to make a change in my eating habits, which had become driven by a need for food on the go, and therefore not the right sort of food for a healthy lifestyle. Last summer I’d seen at first hand the devastating effects of the onset of dementia in a close blood relative, and this, coupled with news reports that ‘dementia should now be referred to as Type 3 diabetes’ spurred me on to take action. The course was extremely informative, and the food plan made sense to me – cutting out refined sugar in all its forms to help the body use its own stores resonated greatly. Natasha and Katrina have created something quite extraordinary with their food plans, their mindfulness exercises and their brilliant group sessions. Apart from one short period after childbirth, I’d never been on a diet – and now suddenly I was having to think, really think about food. It was tough! That first week was really hard work. However thanks to Natasha’s patience (with my endless questions about still being able to drink my ‘builders brew tea in the morning), I got through that first week, and the second and the third….. I have adopted the ‘Happy People’ philosophy wholeheartedly and now feel I can approach this phase of my life with confidence that the menopause doesn’t have to mean putting on 3 stone, that dementia is not a pre-requisite of old age, and that life is too precious to waste on eating rubbish, just because it’s there. To anyone who has yet to try the Happy People programme, I would urge you to grab it with both hands because who doesn’t want to feel amazing every day? Thank you Happy People Solutions! "

“What the Happy People way of life has done for me has been nothing short of life changing.”

"I have done all the trials with Happy People. Natasha and Katrina care first of all. They care so much, they have given up so much of their time to give us their experience and the research has been incredible increasing week by week. For me it has been life changing losing near on 3 stone from June 2018 with no diet. Just changing those bad food choices to the right food that matters. We put rubbish in as processed foods we will get problems in the future, After having a stroke in 2012 and going through hell for some years later fearing the worst, what the Happy People way of life has done for me has been nothing short of life changing."

“You become a much happier, positive person.”

"Natasha and Katrina have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to linking food and mindset together. I'm sure we've all tried different diets, yo-yoed up and down, not kept to them, made excuses and broken the diet regime because they just don't work and you're starving. With their help and expertise, all of the above reasons are thrown away and you learn to eat the correct foods and why, you'll eat well and lose weight but above all, you become a much happier, positive person, while making supportive friends along the way. You'll find out how you too can achieve this positive mindset together with a great way of eating so easily."

“The first time I have 100% stuck to it without even the tiniest bit of cheating.”

"I've done healthy eating plans before, but this is the first time I have 100% stuck to it without even the tiniest bit of cheating...and for some reason it wasn't difficult. I really enjoyed the food and the weekly meet ups and discussions really helped. I feel that I now have more knowledge about what different foods do to our bodies and minds and this makes me want to make good decisions about what I put into my body. Yours, a reformed chocaholic."

“It's not just food, but breaking the negativity cycle.”

" For me, I found the most benefit from being educated and understanding the link between food and its effects on the body and mind. Being Human occasionally we will slip off the wagon, the difference now is that I have the knowledge to overcome this and get back on board. The HP group was great for bonding, supporting one another, helping improve self belief, which in turn increases confidence. It's not just food, but breaking the negativity cycle that we all have at some stage in our lives."
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