Natasha and Katrina

A nutritional advisor and a pyschotherapeutic counsellor and postive mindset coach combining skills that are helping people become Happy People.

Katrina Love


Katrina’s philosophy and techniques were forged through her personal life experience. She became interested in the effects of trauma and vicarious trauma over 18 years ago, when a close family member had a severe head injury. Through Katrina’s therapeutic work, personal development programmes and positive philosophy many people have learnt to move forwards with their lives to become happier and more successful in the areas of their lives that are most important to them through her Lifecheck courses.

Natasha Hodge

BA (Hon), S.A.C.Dip (Diet and Nutrition)

Natasha’s 40 year yo-yoing weight and lifetime struggle with chronic eczema led to her discovering a link between good nutrition and health that didn’t call for a flavourless eating regime. Shocked to find that all the guidelines she had been told to follow, i.e. eating low fat and wholegrain foods, widely accepted as fact, is just plain wrong.

Desperate for answers to the question of what our bodies really need for great health, she embarked on a research journey which included gaining a diploma in nutrition. She has been working with clients since 2014 in her business Wide Eyed Nutrition.

The link between food and mental health brought them together

Through their own respective businesses, Katrina and Natasha made the connection that food plays a key part in our mental and emotional responses. The vicious cycle of eating badly and feeling mentally unwell became more and more apparent. For Katrina it was exploring that a client suffering from anxiety and depression invariably wasn’t eating nutrient dense foods and was more than likely existing on junk. For Natasha it was seeing the transformation in clients who ate the foods she recommended for health and had the side effect of an increase in mental clarity and a decrease in mood swings and signs of stress.

Happy People is about getting the most from your mind and body

Falling in love with food all over again is what it is all about. We hurt ourselves by using deprivation diets that go against our biology and lead to us struggling with adherence. Who hasn’t felt guilty when they ‘cheat’ or ‘fall off the wagon’ because willpower has deserted you? Eating food that gives you energy and powers every cell in your body and works with your biology is self-fulfilling. You won’t want to go back to old habits if you feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Its not rocket science

We are not reinventing the wheel. In a beneficial group setting we use tried and tested methods.

Full fat food

Our cells need fat to function. Our brains are made up of 60% fat. Plus full fat food tastes great because we are biologically programmed to seek these foods out.

Positive thinking

If what we believe about ourselves is negative it can have an impact on our health. Gaining the skills to practice positive thinking daily is key. 

Intermittent fasting

If the body is continuously digesting food it is not in repair mode. We implement the latest research into fasting alongside your bodies natural rhythm to get results.

What does it cost?

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