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Making today the start of your BEST time of life

Food as a natural anti-depressant

How can you feel truly great in your mind and body if it is running on junk? We help you to eat foods that your mind and body will thrive on.

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The weighing scales are obsolete. Weight loss should be a side effect of being well

Weight gain is your body’s way of saying that it is not getting what it needs. We will show you how you can shift your focus to one of health. When you eat the right food your body adjusts to the weight  you should be. You don’t need the negative influence of the weighing scales on a daily basis. Free yourself.

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Find out what the Happy People Programme can do for you

It's all about you

Making changes for yourself is what it is all about. Being at your best means that you can cope with anything that life throws at you.

The groups

Nothing beats group support. We prefer the personal touch where you meet online with like minded folk, just like you, who want to change.

Our mission

We are Natasha Hodge and Katrina Love and we are on a mission to let the world know that we need the right food to live life to our full potential.

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Do you have a question for us? We’d love to hear from you.


What to eat

Its all about great tasting real food. We’ve put together an eating programme that concentrates on cooking from scratch with unprocessed ingredients and eating within the body’s optimal rhythm.

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Group support

We have found the biggest benefit to changing eating and mindset habits is through group support  in the form of weekly online meetings.

Positive thinking tools

Food and positive mindset are intrinsically linked. To get the most from your brain you have to fuel it correctly. We give you the tools to program your natural default to be positive and to rewrite negative thoughts and behaviours that self sabotage you health journey.

Isn't it time to get the best from your body?

It’s time to find out, once and for all, the way to optimize your mind and body.

What our Happy People say

““By eating the right food and fasting, mental health improves & we are taught to use ‘gratitudes’ which is being thankful for things no matter how small.””


“Grab it with both hands because who doesn’t want to feel amazing every day?”


“The first time I have 100% stuck to it without even the tiniest bit of cheating.”


“You become a much happier, positive person.”


“What the Happy People way of life has done for me has been nothing short of life changing.”


“It's not just food, but breaking the negativity cycle.”


What does it cost?

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